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Home > Reference > Panduit Network Cable Cross Reference

Panduit Category 6 Network Cables

(Color samples are
approximations only)
(Normal Diameter)
Cat6, 28 AWG
(Smaller Diameter)
(Normal Diameter)
Black UTPSP10BLY (10 Feet)
UTPSP14BLY (14 Feet)
UTPSP9BLY (9 Feet)
UTPSPI15BL (15 Feet)
Blue UTPSP10BUY (10 Feet)
UTPSP20BUY (20 Feet)
UTPSP14BUY (14 Feet)
UTPSP7BUY (7 Feet)
UTPSP3BUY (3 Feet)
UTPSP9BUY (9 Feet)
UTPSP15BUY (15 Feet)
UTPSP12BUY (12 Feet)
UTPSP12BUY-10PK (12 Feet)
UTPSP9BUY-10PK (9 Feet)
UTPSP6BUY (6 Feet)
UTP28SP7BU (7 Feet)
UTP28SP10BU (10 Feet)
UTP28SP3BU (3 Feet)
UTP6A20BU (20 Feet)
UTP6X10BUY (10 Feet)
UTP6X15BUY (15 Feet)
UTP6X10BUY-10PK (10 Feet)
UTP6X15BUY-10PK (15 Feet)
Gray UTPSP10GYY (10 Feet)
UTPSP10GYY-10PK (10 Feet)
Green UTPSP5GRY (5 Feet)
UTPSP12GRY (12 Feet)
UTPSP10GRY (10 Feet)
UTPSP14GRY (14 Feet)
UTPSP14GRY-10PK (14 Feet)
UTPSP3GRY (3 Feet)
UTP28SP7GR (7 Feet)  
Orange     UTP6ASD3OR (3 Feet)
Violet UTPSP20VLY (20 Feet)
UTPSP20VLY-10PK (20 Feet)
White UTPSP10Y (10 Feet)
UTPSP7Y (7 Feet)
UTPSP6Y (6 Feet)
UTPSP5Y (5 Feet)
UTPSP14Y (14 Feet)
UTPSP3Y (3 Feet)
UTP28SP10 (10 Feet)
UTP28SP5 (5 Feet)
Yellow UTPSP6YLY (6 Feet)
UTPSP14YLY (14 Feet)
UTPSP20YLY (20 Feet)
UTPSP10YL (10 Feet)
UTPSP7YLY (7 Feet)
UTPSP10YLY (10 Feet)

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