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Why do you have a "Why?" page on your web site?
Our "Why?" page attempts to explain why we do things the way we do. (And a surprising number of people wonder about these things.)

Why do you display John 3:16 and the three crosses on your web site?
The short answer is because we are Christians, and the three crosses represent what we believe Jesus Christ did for us when He died on one of those crosses for our sins. John 3:16 reminds us of what God did for us through His Son Jesus Christ.

Why do you sell your products for less than other stores?
There are several reasons we can sell for less. First, we generally buy only overstock or closeout merchandise. That means that the quantities we have in stock can vary widely, and change quickly. If a product sells out, we might not be able to get any more of that item, especially at the same price. Second, we try to buy in large quantities, if possible. Because of that, we can pass the savings on to our customers. Third, we keep our overhead extremely low. We don't build gigantic new office buildings, do a lot of advertising, drive fancy cars, or spend a lot of money on lavish living.

Why do you sell Panduit?
In a word, quality. The owner of the company started out doing network installations many years ago, and found that the overall quality of Panduit tools, raceway, and network jacks was exceptionally high. Because of his positive experience with Panduit products over the span of many years, it was logical to sell those same products to customers that were in the same business that he was. In addition, he had boxes and boxes of items left over from his installation business.

Why don't you prominently display your phone number?
Mostly, it has to do with efficiency. Our systems are almost completely automated. We can process orders much more quickly if they go through our automated systems, rather than having to be typed in one at a time. Because we are getting a little older, we also try to limit the amount of typing our people have to do.

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