STSI's Website Is Closed:

STSI is a small, family-owned company that has been in business since 1979, when I filed my first tax return as a sole proprietor. STSI was incorporated in 1981 and has been in the Internet retail business since 1999. However, after almost 40 years in business, it is time to transition to a different line of work that isn't so physically taxing on me and my family. As we have gotten older, it has become more difficult to keep up with the physical demands of this business, and we have also faced some persistent health issues in recent years. We have been totally committed to our customers during that time and have never taken a vacation. There have also been headwinds in the form of increasing government regulations and taxes. Ultimately it comes down to the health of our family, so we hope that you will understand why we made this difficult decision and why we couldn't provide more warning in advance.

Our remaining inventory is available on our eBay Store or on Amazon.

Around the last week of September we placed a link near the top of our website that gave additional details about our closing to existing and prospective customers. In addition, all customers who placed orders on our website after June 30, 2018 were notified via email regarding our shutdown plans. Thank you to everyone for your business over the years. We appreciate our many loyal customers, and we realize that our closing may be an inconvenience. Our goal was to operate this business with honesty and integrity, provide top-notch customer service, and treat everyone with respect. I hope we achieved that goal. STSI will continue to exist as a company, but in a different form.

Craig S. Stevenson
President & CEO
Stevenson Technical Services, Inc. (STSI and

P.S. My family and I are extremely grateful and humbled by the responses to our shutdown. We appreciate the kind words, the encouragement, and the prayers.


Q: I recently placed an order. Will I receive it?
A: Yes! We will ship all orders placed on our website until the last day.

Q: How will you handle warranty claims after you close?
A: We will continue to warrant everything we have sold, even after we close our website. (We will still be reachable via email or through eBay.)

Q: Why such short notice about your closing?
A: We had originally planned to close our website after December 31, 2018, and begin the notification process on December 1st. However, due primarily to ongoing health problems, we decided to move the target date to October 31, 2018 or earlier if possible. In the end, we decided to close at the end of the week of October 31, 2018, which was Friday, November 2nd.

Q: Why are you redirecting most product links to Amazon instead of eBay?
A: We had originally planned to redirect to our eBay store, but eBay does not properly handle state sales tax at this time.

Q: Can I place an order by phone?
A: No. We will only accept orders via Amazon or eBay. We realize that this will be an inconvenience, but because our website is closed, we can no longer enter phone orders manually.

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STSI Website Closed